We offer the following products & services

1. TRAINING CLASSES:Beekeeper holding honey comb.

COURSES: Lessons 1- 6
COURSE FEES: $50.00 per lesson for in-person training and $50.00 per lesson for online training. Classes include the course manual plus a certificate of participation upon course completion.

Options for Training include:

  1. BeeCraft Academy Online Training.
  2. In-person Training.
  3. Hive Management.
  4. In-person Training plus Hive Management.


  • BEEHIVE (Langstroth hive)
    This includes 3 deep hive body size, 30 frames, 30 foundations (plastic), Bottom board, entrance reducer, Top cover, inner cover and painting.
  • Package Bee
  • Beehive Tool
  • Bee-suit (Full suit and half-body suit available)
  • Bee Brush
  • Smoker
  • Feeder (Top hive feeder and vertical feeder available)
  • Glove
  • Frame grip

Prices are available upon request. Please contact us for pricing.
Please note that BEE-HIVE & PACKAGE BEE are essential to start beekeeping.
Processing Tools are also available for rent.


Basic site maintenance visits:

  • Two visits to the apiary recommended per month. During a site visit we will inspect the beehive(s) and make recommendations for future action.
  • Charges for 1-4 colonies is $50 per visit.
  • Charges for 5+ colonies is $75 per visit.
  • Harvesting and Processing Tools for Honey is for Hire.

In addition to basic hive management services we also offer a comprehensive set of colony management services. (Prices are negotiable.)

  • Purchase of package bee and beehives are Optional.
  • Establishment of your colony (apiary) right from the installation of package bee until harvesting period.
  • Feeding, medication and harvesting of honey, pollen and propolis if the tools purchased.
  • Queen bee rearing training.
  • Preparing your colony for Winter.

For more information on management services please Contact Us.

4. Sales of Honey & Other Bee Products.

For more information on sales of honey and other bee products please Contact Us.

Beekeeper’s Companion Illustrated Field Guide
by Adesina Daniel Oduntan
published by Idea Creation Press (July, 2018)
Available on Amazon (Color, Black & White & Kindle)
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