About Us

Who We Are

Bee-craft Consulting is a one-stop-shop beekeeping consulting firm that produce a high- quality natural honey and other beehive products, and the consult work with other beekeepers in doing the same.

Mission Statement

To engage, equip, and empower the everyday citizen with the necessary resources to become a better beekeeper and for entrepreneurs to create addition employment and increased profitability.

Vision Statement

 To be a worthy example for making a living through beekeeping, empowering others an d sustaining our natural environment.

Core Values

Integrity, Commitment and Determination

Brief History of Bee-Craft Consult

Institute of Vocational Bee-Craft idea came to be in 1993 to share and distribute information on beekeeping. In the Spirit of entrepreneurship, the Institute of Vocational Bee-Craft single-handedly undertaken a “BEEKEEPING EXTENSION EDUCATION PROGRAM/PROJECT” for all Nigerian Secondary Schools in Ogun, Oyo and Osun States in the year 2001 to give the students the “I CAN DO” mentality for self-reliant and for Job creation. In March 2006, National Directorate of Employment (NDE) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria awarded the certificate of EXCELLENCE for the BEST ENTREPRENEUR at 1st ALL NDE JOB FAIR, Abuja, Nigeria. Year 2008 till date, have experienced many business/educational trips to many parts of the world both Europe, Africa and America in pursuit of knowledge on BEES and APITHERAPY. In 2014, the Alumni association of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, bestowed on the man behind the Institute the Award of EXCELLENCE in recognition of the positive contribution to the continued progress and growth of the association and the Institute world-wide. The Institute of Vocational Bee-Craft is renamed in 2017, to BEE-CRAFT CONSULT, LLC.


Adesina Daniel Oduntan had a Master’s Degree in entomology in pursuit of knowledge on bees in 1998. The year 1999 witnessed a great success and a book on beekeeping was published titled “THE PRACTICE OF BEEKEEPING”, in the same year 1999, an invitation to attend a National Farmers Committee for Upgrading Nigeria’s agriculture by the then President of Nigeria – Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo and at the meeting, he was appointed the Protem Leader and resource person for the HONEY producer’s group in Nigeria.

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