To be a worthy example for making a living through beekeeping, empowering others an d sustaining our natural environment.

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About Bee-craft Consult

Bee-Craft Consulting is a one-stop-shop beekeeping consulting firm that produce a high-quality natural honey and other beehive products, and the consult work with other beekeepers in doing the same. Institute of Vocational Bee-Craft idea came to be in 1993 to share and distribute information on beekeeping. In the Spirit of entrepreneurship, the Institute of Vocational Bee-Craft single-handedly undertaken a “BEEKEEPING EXTENSION EDUCATION PROGRAM/PROJECT” for all…

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Farmers Market Schedule

Wednesday: Central Park Farmers Market (4 PM – 8 PM)

Thursday: West Jordan Farmers Market (4 PM – 8 PM)

Friday: Murray Park Farmers Market (8 AM -1 PM)
Liberty Park Farmers Market (4 PM – 8 PM

Saturday: Sunnyvale Farmers Market (11 AM – 2 PM)
Murray Park Farmers Market (8 AM – 1 PM)
South Jordan Farmers Market (8 AM – 1 PM)

Sunday: Park City Farmers Market (9 AM – 5 PM)

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