Online Video-based and In-person Training

Options for instruction include both BeeCraft Academy online training and in-person training. In-person training includes an option to have us manage your hive for you.

All BeeCraft training follows the BeeCraft Course Curriculum.

TRAINING CLASSES: Lessons 1-6. Each lesson includes a lesson manual plus a certificate of participation upon completion of each lesson.
COURSE FEES: $50.00 per lesson for in-person training and $50.00 per lesson for online training.

Course Curriculum

1. The Biology and Ecology of Beekeeping

  • Starting a beekeeping business of your own
  • Colony and colony organization
  • Package and Nuc bees.
  • Basic equipment
  • Apiary location requirement
  • Seasonal calendar

2. Hands-on Demonstration Class

  • Tools for beekeeping
  • Construction and assemblage
  • Use of equipment
  • Bee-yard/apiary and bee-plants

3. Handling Bees

  • Installation
  • Feeding
  • Hive inspection
  • Bee-house

4. Brood and Brood Rearing

  • Build-up and brood pattern
  • Queen quality
  • Hive growth and population management

5. Harvesting & Extraction of Beehive Products

  • Honey
  • Beeswax
  • Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Storage building and winter reserves
  • Combining hives and feeding for winter

6. Economics of Beekeeping

  • Starting Beekeeping Business of your own
  • Managing beekeeping business for profit

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